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What is RGPD?

The General Regulation on Data Protection was approved by the European Union, introducing a new regime on the protection of personal data. It was created to protect citizens from the processing of personal data on a large scale by large companies and information society services.

In addition to strengthening the legal protection of the rights of data subjects, the RGPD defines new rules and procedures from the technological point of view.

This Regulation replaces the European Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46) established in 1995 and repeals the incompatible provisions of the Code for the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree No.196 / 2003). The regulation was adopted on May 27, 2016 and is expected to be applied for two years, meaning it will be fully operational in the EU on May 25, 2018.

What is personal data?

Name, address, location, health information, income, cultural profile, device IPs, are some of the examples of what is considered a personal data. If you gather, store, or use this type of data in your company then you must follow the rules.

It should be noted that the rules defined in the RGPD apply to personal data that may be in digital or paper format.

Our commitment to safeguard your information.

Communicate - We simply inform our customers about the purpose of obtaining your data and for what purposes, for how long we keep the data and who receives it. We inform our customers of all their rights.

Consent - Obtain the clear consent of the data for the treatment of the data. Consent must be confirmed by a statement or other unequivocal positive act. We do not presume your consent nor do we use pre-selected options. We always collect data from minors we check the age limits so in case of need to obtain the consent of parents or legal guardians.

We delete the data - Whenever requested we delete the personal data.

Marketing - We give our customers the right to opt out of receiving direct marketing that uses their data.

Right to portability: We enable our customers to request that their information be transmitted to another organization.

Right of opposition: the persons involved may request that their information not be subject to certain processing or uses.

Right of access: our customers have the right to know all the data obtained and the type of use.

Right of rectification: our customers may request that their information be updated or corrected.

Protection of sensitive data - We avoid sensitive data as far as possible, but if for any reason we collect it, we will be subject to extraordinary safeguards for information on health, race, sexual orientation, religion and political beliefs.

Mandatory notification of data breach - Data controllers must notify local control authorities - CNPD, in Portugal - within 72 hours of becoming aware of this fact. Serious violations must be notified to natural persons.

Data Management and Personal Information Center

At Grazy Seillert we are committed to safeguarding the security of your browsing on our site as well as the protection of your personal data. For this reason all our pages are protected by digital certificate. and We create the Data Management and Personal Information Center where you can always carry out a simple and effective management of your personal data.

If you wish, you can also contact our data protection officer.


Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer is at your entire disposal to clarify and assist in any and all matters related to Data Protection and Management.

Data Protection Officer Dr. Luis Fernandes

Tel: +351 +96 589 54 08

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