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By Grazy Seillert

Graziela Mirada, is the face of Grazy Seillert. Young, fighter, ambitious and enterprising, born in Brazil at a very young age, she defined the path to follow and decided to fight with the goal of one day being a successful businesswoman, she went to Europe where she deepened her knowledge and put her skills to the test, creativity by developing their own collections and creating their own identity.

The passion for fashion was something that always ran in her blood but also hereditary, passed from generation to generation. Being a woman with a strong connection to her family and her origins and having her closest family members have a deep connection to the creation and development of fashion.
It was only at the age of 21 that Graziela Miranda predicted a promising future in the digital world, deciding to start her journey, choosing the social network Orkut to create an online store selling Women's Clothing with the name “Grazy Seillert”.
However, with the end of Orkut and the rapid evolution of social networks, the first setbacks and difficulties appeared, however giving up was never part of his vocabulary and he decided that it was time for the next step with the creation of a new profile on Facebook, later in the year. Youtube and on Instagram. In 2009, Grazy Seillert decided to create her own brand, something that had meaning, that would link her to her origins and in a way identify her, and that's how Grazy Seillert was born.
Grazy Seillert goes far beyond a clothing brand with a strong connection to Nature and Animal Protection and with a strong Social and Environmental concern, it develops and promotes various activities in all these areas.
With the creation of the Grazy Seillert brand, new challenges arise and in an increasingly globalized and connected world, the launch of the Grazy Seillert online store comes naturally.
In all her collections Graziela Miranda makes a point of paying tribute to all the women who share her passion for clothing and fashion.